Automation Components: How Kyrus can Provide You with Multiple Automation Components

Sourcing Multiple Automation Components & Parts

There are several reasons why investing in individual automation components is a good idea for those working with automated processes or machines.

Parts can break due to general wear and tear; automation products often face long and intense hours, due to their ability to almost continuously work without the need for breaks like a manual worker. Certain parts on the machinery may wear quicker than others because of this, and it is both more cost-effective and time efficient to replace a singular worn part as opposed to the complete system.

Individual parts may also become dangerous due to lack of maintenance and repair, especially those which face greater or more intense workloads. These parts may require a spare, to fulfil their place whilst they undergo repair, or need permanent replacement; either way, having additional components on hand will keep both the machine and operators safe, and working efficiently.

Systems may also need to be modified in time, as processes evolve or change and require machinery to likewise advance to meet new demands. Robots or cobots may need additional components to extend their capability, efficiency, or work envelope; upgrading machinery through attaching new components keeps systems up to date for a fraction of the price.

Kyrus supplies multiple automation components to fulfil the varying needs of our customers, working closely with clients to better understand their problems. Our dedication to providing complementary components means we manufacture bespoke ranges, based upon the unique specifications of clients’ existing systems and processes.

Kyrus can manufacture a wide range of robot automation components, including linear tracks, roller doors, gantries, component positioners, and end effectors.

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    Linear Tracks for Robots and Cobots

    Roller Doors

    The linear track extends the mobility of robots and cobots, allowing them to travel along a linear course to perform their job. Kyrus fabricates three ranges of robot linear track – the HiGlyde Max, Midi, and Mini – to encompass most automation systems and robot capacities, with our HiGlyde Mini performing as a cobot linear track.

    Kyrus provides customisable roller doors for the protection of machinery and safety of operators. Gliding along a low friction frame, with safety sensors to prevent hazard, Kyrus’ industry leading range prioritises performance whilst remaining cost effective.


    Component Positioners

    The addition of Kyrus’ gantry system to automated machinery expands the mobility of a machine; our multi-axis gantries are built around our client's existing machinery for ease of integration.

    The fabrication of quality component positioners can increase the work envelope and capabilities of a robot, providing greater degrees of freedom for the increased productivity and efficiency of processes.

    Machine Guarding

    End Effectors

    Our guarding and enclosures are customisable, from choosing the colour of panelling and incorporating logos for a professional finish, to selecting control systems and operator systems for the correct functioning of enclosures and guards.

    An end effector, or end of arm tooling, increases the ability of a robot to hold or manipulate an object. Kyrus supplies a series of modular servo robotic end effectors, designed around the requirements of our clients

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