Automation Guarding: Why Kyrus is Number 1 for Required Automation Guarding Parts

Automation guarding plays an important part in keeping operators safe whilst working alongside hazardous machinery often found in manufacturing. As specialists in automated machinery, Kyrus provides machine guarding and enclosures to ensure these systems can be used safely and efficiently.

What is machine guarding?

Machine guarding is a safety procedure to protect operators of hazardous machinery, providing a shield over machinery parts or around the machine. Machine guarding can take many forms to do this, either preventing direct contact with dangerous parts or intercepting chips and sparks that may be produced during the machinery’s operation. An example of this may be barrier guarding (where guarding is fixed at the point of operation) versus fixed perimeter guarding (where a guard is placed around the perimeter of the machine).
Whether or not a machine requires guarding is determined through PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 and the ISO 14120-2015 Standard).

What are guards and enclosures?

Guards and enclosures form two different types of machine guarding. Whilst enclosures provide a protective cage around the machine, guarding components may be smaller – shielding specific hazardous points of a machine. A barrier guard and an interlocking guard are two examples of guards that protect smaller areas of automation components which may cause injury to operators. Machine enclosures on the other hand may be mesh or solid panels, fitted around a machine or extending further to include a control area.

Machine Guards & Enclosures

Transparent Guarding

Benefits of Kyrus’ automation guarding parts

Kyrus manufactures a varied range of automation guarding parts, including guards and enclosures. Our guarding parts are made to the highest quality, based on the unique specifications of our client’s machinery.
Further benefits of Kyrus’ leading guards and enclosures include:


Our guarding and enclosure systems are available as modular units for the easy and rapid installation onto existing machinery or Automation cells. Our dedication to customer support, and in-depth guides, seek to make integration of guarding components as straightforward as possible.


Kyrus offers a flexible service whilst working with clients, ensuring all their needs are met; whether designing bespoke automation guarding, or delivering products in a form which suits clients and their systems, Kyrus endeavours to accommodate the varying needs of individual projects.

UK based

As a UK based manufacturing company, Kyrus prioritises British quality in our materials and British values in our work ethic, building trust within our client base. Whilst Kyrus’ evolution and expansion has allowed us to develop offices overseas to cater for clients across the globe, we continue to dedicate ourselves to our UK office and building working relationships within the UK.


Our guarding and enclosures are customisable, from choosing the colour of panelling and incorporating logos for a professional finish, to selecting control systems and operator systems for the correct functioning of enclosures and guards.

CAD models and designs

Kyrus utilises CAD models to closely follow project specifications whilst manufacturing precision guards and enclosures, ensuring our products are perfectly fabricated for their application.

Consultative Process

Throughout our involvement in projects, Kyrus believes in a consultative process – establishing an open line of communication with clients and offering outstanding levels of support throughout, to produce guarding and enclosures which meet all expectations.

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    Automation Guarding Parts

    Kyrus works alongside you to ensure your guarding and enclosures are built around your needs and requirements. We provide options for panelling, door, floor mounting, control systems, and operator stations, from customisation of colour to selecting the appropriate system for your operation.

    Our guarding and enclosures can be shipped worldwide. Available as a flat pack or complete system, our guarding and enclosure systems are designed to be easily erected, without risk to your machinery.

    Lead time for guarding and enclosures is 3-4 weeks, depending on the level of customisation you require.

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