How Kyrus can Supply You with Top-Quality Low-Lying Industrial Robot Tracks

Low-Lying Industrial Robot Tracks & 7th Axis

Kyrus’ high quality industrial robotic tracks ensure your automated robotic systems are performing to their greatest potential.

The flexibility of our product design means we can supply industrial robot tracks for all types of applications and systems. As experienced manufacturers within the automation field, we are confident our expert team can design and manufacture an industrial robotic track that fulfils all your needs.

Kyrus has been manufacturing and supplying automation components, including robot linear tracks, end of arm tooling, and machine guarding, for over a decade, allowing us the experience and expertise to develop industry leading high quality, sleek, and low-lying robotic tracks.

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    What are industrial robot tracks?

    Also known as a 7th Axis or range extender, Industrial robot tracks refer to a track which can be attached to a robot enabling its mobilisation within industrial applications, such as warehouses or manufacturing floors. Industrial tracks are cost-effective and efficient ways of extending a robot’s work envelope, facilitating a greater ability to perform its given task.

    Typically, an industrial robot track will be a track secured to the floor, wall, or ceiling, along which a robot can move; an example of this is a robot linear track, which is a straight track allowing for bi-directional linear movement.

    What is a cobot linear track?

    The cobot linear track, similarly to the robot linear track, is a straight track along which a cobot can move back and forth. A cobot refers to a collaborative robot, which works alongside human forces to complete a task.

    Cobot linear tracks must be compatible with a human labour force, too; Kyrus’ Hi-Glyde Mini is the smallest linear track model and has been designed with the use of cobots in mind.

    Kyrus’ low-lying robot tracks

    Partnering with Kyrus for industrial robot automation, including the design and supply of a robot linear track, means you benefit from:

    UK Assembly & Manufacturing

    with the manufacturing and assembly of Kyrus products happening within the UK, you can be sure our products are produced to the highest standard and are reliable for years to come

    Modular Track Systems

    our modular track systems are easy to transport and straightforward to install on site

    Low lying robotic tracks

    Kyrus’ low-lying robotic tracks offer greater stability and smoother motion for your robot, ideal for perfecting your automation systems

    Integration support

    we offer comprehensive support for system integrators, with installation guides and videos available. We understand the challenges of a system integration project and offer a service to these demands.

    A One-Stop-Shop

    all your needs can be met under Kyrus’ roof, from the design of components to manufacturing, assembly, and installation.

    Designed extrusions

    Our linear tracks are constructed using our proprietary aluminium extrusions and allow for a large range of different configurations, payloads and orientations.

    How could Kyrus help supply you with top quality low lying robotic tracks? Contact us today by filling out the contact form below. Alternatively call us on 01952 951118 or email us at to speak to one of our friendly members of staff

    Robot Linear Tracks

    We understand our clients’ requirements for their linear tracks will vary depending on their operation, and Kyrus will work closely with you to ensure all your needs are met.

    Our linear tracks can be shipped worldwide, in modular form for easy and swift construction; assembly videos are available.

    A lead time of 6-8 weeks is expected on our range of linear tracks, however this may vary depending on customisation.

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