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    Three-axis robots can move along the X, Y, and Z planes but are not capable of rotating or tilting motions. In order for a robot to be considered a 3 axis gantry type system, both of its arms must be capable of linear motion and mounted on a base.

    The base itself is usually attached to the floor or ground at all times because it provides stability and helps keep the machine from tipping or falling over when in use.

    This style of machine is known for its stability and accuracy.

    Three-axis gantries are popular in industrial applications since they can be used for transporting and assembling objects and moving them from one location to another. However, they are used throughout a number of industries, for instance - aerospace and automotive, logistics, and pharmaceutical.

    In manufacturing industries, they can be used for several applications: welding, printing, palletising, laser cutting, and assembly are among a few.

    A typical industrial robot can have up to six axes, with the option of a linear track being added for a seventh axis to further extend the work envelope of your robot. Theoretically, you can keep adding extra axes to increase the mobility of your robot, with the only limitation being the robot controller.

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    Kyrus offers worldwide shipping, with our gantry systems shipped in a modular fashion for swift and straightforward construction. The expected lead time for gantry systems is 6-8 weeks, depending on the level of customisation you require.

    3 Axis Gantry System

    Gantry 1
    • Unique aluminium extrusions and a modular platform can easily be built for a scalable system, increased load capacity, or greater stability
    • Available with a choice of drive options, including belt for increased speed and reduced noise, rack & pinion, or ball screw
    • Flexible configurations available
    • A variety of optional extras, such as automatic lubrication, ground racks, and end of arm tooling, can be added
    • Helical gear rack with quality NIDEC-SHIMPO gearbox
    • Easy clamping system and linear bearings for a smooth and accurate drive
    • Wrist servo-axis modules available for all configurations and additional 4th and 5th axis modules of up to 180Nm

    Included within Kyrus’ EZi Motion cartesian gantry system range is the versatile three axis gantry. Three axis gantry systems are more complex than the two axis, requiring not only a third axis to control, but often also using extra guide rails to support this additional movement.

    A three axis gantry is significantly more complicated than a two axis design as it requires high precision components that are able to move in three directions simultaneously. A three axis gantry is designed and built to cut, drill, or print, with one rotating around the X axis, another along the Y axis, and a third moving along the Z axis. This allows for movement on three planes that can access work pieces from all sides.

    Three axis gantry systems are widely used in mass-production lines and high variety manufacturing environments because they offer greater flexibility whilst still being cost effective and a relatively simple structure, than other axes alternatives.

    Kyrus’ three-axis gantry systems offer accuracy and range of motion of the highest standard, for the most precise and efficient results. Capable of handling payloads between 15kg and 250kg, Kyrus’ EZi Motion gantry systems can be used in a plethora of applications, from pick and place to plasma cutting.

    Our gantry systems are heavy-duty, applicable for all industries; Kyrus works in close collaboration with our customers to ensure your gantry system is designed to meet your needs. Six axes are available for our gantry systems, with a seventh constructed through our linear track line.

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