HiGlyde Mini

HiGlyde Mini - Cobot Linear Track

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    Drive TypeBelt
    Max Speed (100% Duty Cycle)m/s4
    Max Acceleration Allowed (Faster on Request)m/s8
    Acceleration Torque RequiredNm55
    Distance per Motor revNm62.84
    Acceleration Torque Allowed Through GearboxNm125
    Nominal Torque (Continuous Running)Nm75
    Gearbox Backlash≤3 arcmin standard - (1 arcmin available)

    Cobot Linear Tracks

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    HiGlyde Mini

    Hi-Glyde Mini
    • Made using unique aluminium extrusions

      Fully modular, and extendable to any length

    • Range of drive options available, including rack and pinion and ball screw drives

    • Able to be mounted to floor, wall, or ceiling

    • Optional extras can be added as needed, such as additional carriages, robot risers and auto lubrication

    • Low mounted precision linear guide rail for supreme stability and rigidity with helical rack for smooth running

    • System specific end stops adjustable feet with levelling screws and cross joining plates to match load requirements

    • Anti-slip chequer plate with central cable management system

    • Integrated swing in gearbox housing allow for easy adjustments

    Used to extend the work envelope and capabilities of your robot, whilst maintaining repeatability and accuracy, Kyrus’ HiGlyde linear track range enables the linear mobility of your industrial robot. The linear track provides a more economic and efficient way of increasing the movement and work space of your robot, suitable for a variety of applications from welding and assembly to pick and place and palletising. Kyrus has created three linear tracks within our HiGlyde range to encompass all your automation needs.

    The HiGlyde Mini is the smallest of this range, ideal for hosting smaller industrial robots or collaborative robots. The HiGlyde Mini can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and is available - in modular lengths - up to 10 metres. The HiGlyde Mini utilises a single beam, which is belt driven, but can be supplied with a drive module if required for Cobot usage.

    Kyrus designs and manufactures our linear tracks, and ensures safety and manageability when doing so. With walk-on aluminium chequer plate covers to protect linear guides, and central cable management to reduce track size, the HiGlyde range delivers a smooth and safe automated process.

    The track gearboxes, created by industry leader, Nidec, further guarantees this, with the highest quality precision gearboxes available. Transmission options include hardened helical rack, belt driven, and ball screw, paired with a low mounted precision linear guide rail, for superior stability.

    Kyrus offers a made to measure approach for our linear tracks, working with you to ensure your HiGlyde Mini meets all your needs. The HiGlyde Mini can be shipped worldwide, in modular form, for swift and straightforward installation; our assembly videos will guide you through this. The expected lead time for linear tracks sits at 6-8 weeks however, this depends on the level of customisation.

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