Industrial Roller Doors

Industrial Roller Doors

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    Typical Drive Unit

    - -
    Output Torque50
    Output Speed (rpm)30-250
    Hollow Shaft (Ø)mm25, 25.4, 30, 31.75, 40
    Manual Operation OptionsEmergency hand crank | Hand chain operator
    Limit Switch OptionsDigital limit switch DES

    Typical Control Box

    - -
    MAINS SUPPLY1N~230V, PE; 3N~400V, PE 3~230V, PE; 3-400V, PE
    Operating Frequency (Hz)50/60
    Mains Supply - External Loads24V/350 mA
    Dimensions (mm) - W x H x D155 x 386 x 90
    USB Modules2
    Relay Contacts2
    Automatic Control for:Digital limit switch DES | Mechanical limit switch NES

    Roller Doors

    Brochure & CAD Models

    Kyrus will work with you in order to create a roller door best suited to your requirements. Our doors have a standard width of 1200mm, 2000mm, & 2500mm, with opening heights of up to 2700mm in a single part.

    Our industrial roller doors are available in a modular design for ease of assembly and can be shipped worldwide.

    The expected lead time for our industrial roller doors is 3-4 weeks, depending on the product’s customisation.

    Industrial Roller Doors

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    Kyrus’ Talos range of industrial roller doors combine safety and practicality with a professional and modern design aesthetic. Totally customisable, from the size and colour to adding your brand name to the door, Kyrus will instill all the mechanics needed for a secure roller door, without taking away from the ethos of your brand.

    Industrial doors are important for any industry that needs to safely house equipment, materials, or processes. They not only add security with a physical barrier, but act as a protection from weather and pests. Industrial roller doors are ideal because they offer simple functionality while being easy to install and maintain. They work by rolling up horizontally along a track, allowing for the door to be opened or shut with minimal effort.

    Kyrus’ high-speed industrial roller doors are available as individual units, integrated into an existing system, or built as part of a Talos enclosure. Kyrus prioritises safety through a wireless safety transmitter and Gfs motor and gearbox which complies with safety standards. Our Talos roller doors are hard wearing and durable - designed with a multi-weave material conveyor to prevent curtain push through.


    Using a roller door is typically faster and takes up less floor space than a hinged or sliding door, leaving more floor space designated to your automated machinery and their operation, whilst ensuring this is kept safe.

    A roller door also offers better protection as a physical barrier to moving parts than a light barrier would, so the safety of your workers is prioritised.

    The price of an industrial roller door will vary depending on the width, height, and type of controller you wish to use. It is best to discuss your requirements with the manufacturer to get an accurate costing.

    There are several measures you can take to guarantee your roller door operates as safely as possible and avoid the potential of hazards. Industrial roller doors must comply with regulations, such as being CE marked and BS EN 12635:2002 Industrial, Commercial and Garage Doors and Gates Installation and Use.

    Moreover, they should be built with sensors, safety brakes, and a motor which is designed to limit the force of the door as a minimum, to prevent collision and other dangerous situations.

    Kyrus has worked with a range of sectors, including, but not limited to:

    • Robotics and automation
    • Manufacturing
    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Food Industry
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Packaging
    • General Warehousing

    Kyrus’ Talos roller doors are designed to keep both your machinery and staff safe.

    • Created using Kyrus’ unique aluminium extrusions, which are compatible with Talos guarding for a seamless finish
    • Designed without moving cables; a wireless safety edge and transmitter protects the operator through entering auto-reverse upon activation
    • Featuring a guided curtain system incorporated into the frame, with the profiled edge of the curtain retained within the aluminium extrusion, to prevent pushthrough
    • Low friction guide blocks for flawless running
    • Lower safety sensor and switch, connected to machine safety circuits
    • Adjustable channel stops located in the guide rail
    • On-board diagnostics, with an integrated drive unit control for a straightforward set-up of your roller door, whilst enabling swift notification of any faults

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