Top 3 Reasons why Kyrus is Best for Low Cost Robotic Products

Sourcing The Best Low Cost Robotic Products

Kyrus has been creating cost-efficient, high quality automation components for over a decade. The key to our success? Working closely alongside clients to determine their present needs, and meet these in a way which addresses their future prospects.

In other words, we build for the future.

Our tailored service means we manufacture semi-standard componentry which aids a business’ shift towards automation without breaking the bank.

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    What are low-cost robotic products?

    Low-cost robotics does not equate to low-quality robotics. Kyrus’ vast experience within the automation industry enables us to create solutions to our clients’ problems, keeping production and maintenance costs streamlined so as to provide low-cost robotic products overall.

    The availability of our low-cost robotic products and automation components means they can be used by a variety of industries. Kyrus manufactures a range of automation componentry, including:

    • Robot linear tracks
    • Cobot linear tracks
    • Gantry systems
    • Component positioners
    • End of arm tooling

    All of the above contribute towards a system’s automation robot integration and the inclusion of automation componentry into existing systems. Alongside these products, we manufacture system and machine enclosures to further protect and extend the life of products and lower ongoing maintenance costs over the duration of their use.

    Partner with Kyrus for your low-cost robotic components

    Our adaptable and competitive service means that by partnering with Kyrus for the provision of low-cost robotic components you can benefit from a versatile, flexible, and professional service, which delivers high quality, long-lasting automation components to suit your budget.

    Competitive Pricing

    Kyrus’ products are naturally competitively priced, ensuring our products are available for all types and sizes of business. Whether your business is established with fully automated systems, or just beginning to discover the world of automation, our competitively priced, high-quality componentry is manufactured to suit all needs.


    Kyrus prides itself on an adaptable service which is moulded around the needs of our customers.

    We understand that the scope and capabilities of every business is different; we therefore work in reflection of a business’ capacity for automation to ensure we establish an optimum balance of automation and human collaboration for each client.

    Working carefully to determine this balance can not only minimise financial costs through refining a company’s investment into automation, but can further increase ROI through an escalation in productivity and decrease in human waste or error as catalysed by automation.

    Discounts Available

    Kyrus can provide automated solutions across a range of industries. Our flexibility allows us to offer list price discounts when working alongside system integrators

    The competitive pricing of Kyrus’ low-cost robotic products furthers our clients’ potential for investment into automation, helping businesses become increasingly automated in their set up, whether immediately or in the future.

    Why would choosing Kyrus for the best low-cost robotic products be the best option for you? Contact us today by filling out the contact form below. Alternatively call us on 01952 951118 or email us at to speak to one of our robotic products experts.

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