Hi-Glyde Max vs. Hi-Glyde Midi vs. Hi-Glyde Mini: Which Robotic Linear Track Should You Choose?

Max vs. Midi vs. Mini - Which Is The Best Solution?

Kyrus have 3 types of linear tracks for robots: the Hi-Glyde Max and Hi-Glyde Midi are typically used for ‘industrial’ robot linear tracks and the Hi-Glyde Mini is primarily a cobot linear track. All these automation components are designed for the same purpose; to support a robot, horizontally or vertically and give them a 7th axis of motion.

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    Benefits of The Hi-Glyde Max

    One of the main benefits of the Hi Glyde Max is that it has the capabilities to handle payloads of up to 4000kg which makes it perfect for larger industrial robots that are being used in many different applications. The max track family is fully modular, allowing different lengths, widths, and options to be deployed with ease.

    As part of the design of both the Midi and Max tracks, a helical rack & pinion drive system is coupled with a high precision gearbox. However, a ball-screw option is available, and this can be used for vertical applications or applications that require a very high degree of accuracy.

    Benefits of The Hi-Glyde Midi

    Like our Hi glyde Max track family, the design of the Hi Glyde Midi is based upon a twin beam design using our proprietary family of aluminium extrusions.  This offers stability, modularity, and longevity to the tracks. As the payload for this low-lying robotic track is between 250-750kg, the Hi Glyde Midi family of tracks are0 perfect for small to medium sized industrial robots.

    Typically, the Hi Glyde Midi tracks use a helical rack and pinion drive system which is coupled to a high precision gearbox, however, balls-screw and even belt drive options are available for these tracks.

    Benefits of The Hi-Glyde Mini

    The Hi-Glyde Mini range of tracks are typically used with Cobots or industrial robots with smaller payload capacity.

    As this type or robot / cobot can work in close proximity to employees, the H-Glyde Mini range of tracks are typically belt driven, meaning that they are very quiet whilst having the capability of being very quick. As a result of this, the Hi- Glyde Mini can be used in many sectors; it is not exclusive to the manufacturing sector. This automation component can also be used in the medicine and research and education sector.


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